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18 march 2007 10:50EST

Registerfly employees are defacing the company website...
Kevin Medina cannot control his employees who are obviously fed up!

SCREENCAPTURE taken 18 march 2007 10:40EST

UPDATE 21 March (EST)

ICANN Blog - Registerfly & ICANN under heavy fire

...and some videos by some real angry customers :





Termination of RegisterFly.com
Two million domain names for 900,000 different owners at risk

Registrar Accreditation Agreement

16 March 2007


ICANN today issued a formal notice of termination of RegisterFly.com's Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA). ICANN has issued a letter to RegisterFly [PDF, 902K] indicating that it will cease operating as an ICANN-Accredited Registrar on March 31, 2007. Under the terms of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), ICANN must provide 15 days written notice to RegisterFly of its intention to terminate.

Effective immediately ICANN has terminated RegisterFly's right to use the ICANN Accredited Registrar logo on its website.

Between now and 31 March RegisterFly is required to unlock and provide all necessary Authinfo codes to allow domain name transfers to occur. Any and all registrants wishing to transfer away from RegisterFly during this period should be allowed to do so efficiently and expeditiously.

"Terminating accreditation is the strongest measure ICANN is able to take against RegisterFly under its powers," Dr. Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN said today.

"ICANN has been frustrated and distressed by recent management confusion inside RegisterFly," Dr. Twomey, President said. "I completely understand the greater frustration and enormous difficulty that this has created for registrants."

When the Agreement is terminated, ICANN can approve a bulk transfer of all current RegisterFly domain names to another ICANN accredited Registrar.

"Of course, RegisterFly does not have to wait till then. They can request ICANN to approve a bulk transfer immediately. I call on RegisterFly to act in the interests of registrants and seek such a transfer from us straight away," Dr. Twomey said.

ICANN intends to hold a forum to discuss the reform of the Accreditation policy and process at its Lisbon meeting in a week's time*.

A set of questions and points to inform the discussion will be made public prior to the Lisbon meeting.

The Lisbon meeting is one of three meetings held a year by ICANN to meet with global stakeholders. It will take place from 26-30 March 2007.

Media Contacts: Jason Keenan Media Adviser ICANN ( USA) Ph: +1 310 818 9072 E: jason.keenan@icann.org

International: Andrew Robertson Edelman ( London) Ph: +44 7921 588 770 E: andrew.robertson@edelman.com.


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